Six Ways to Control Your Aquarium Algae Problem. By Lev Ingman

Six Ways to Control Your Aquarium Algae Problem. By Lev Ingman

  1. Stop overfeeding!!! If you feed too much, the leftover food is basically a fertilizer for unwanted algae.
  2. Replace old light bulbs. After 9 months to a year, the spectrum of light that your bulbs release changes to a spectrum preferred by algae.
  3. Make sure the tap water you are using is not phosphate rich, because phosphate is an algae fertilizer. If your tap has lots of phosphate / nutrients then use RO/DI water.
  4. Do more water changes. This will reduce waste levels / nutrients that algae needs to grow
  5. Replace your mechanical and chemical filtration media so that you can remove as much waste as possible.
  6. In a fresh water tank get algae eaters, and plants to eat and compete with algae respectfully. In a salt-water tank, get a cleaning crew to eat the algae. (Sometimes this is tricky because many fish species will these invertebrates)



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