Aquarium Hole-In-head-Disease V.S. Lateral Line Erosion – By Lev Ingman

Aquarium Hole-In-head-Disease V.S. Lateral Line Erosion – By Lev Ingman

There are several theories about what causes this problem.

  1. Improper Nutrition- We humans experience various problems if we remove certain nutrients from out diet. Scurvy is a very famous example of one such disease that plagued sailors who spent months of ships without eating citrus. Once people discovered this, weekly rations of limejuice were distributed to these sailors and scurvy was virtually eliminated. Like people, fish also need certain vitamins and minerals in order to be healthy. You must feed your fish a variety of food that is similar to the products that they eat in nature in order to keep them alive. If your fish begin to show signs of this disease, first look at what you are feeding. Variety is important! Use a vitamin product like SELCON as an additive to their food.
  2. Bad water quality- People breath oxygen, and so do fish. If there are high levels of pollutants constantly in our air, then we will exhibit problems. If there are high levels of waste products in your water, then your fish can have difficulty breathing the oxygen that is diluted in the water. It is very important to do regular water changes and insure you have proper biological filtration. High levels of waste will cause problems period.
  3. Electrical current in the water- There are often many electrical devices in the water(Pumps, heaters, etc.) Although not common,  these devices can sometimes release an electrical current in the water. Electrical currents running through your water is not good for your fish so get a grounding probe and put in your water.
  4. Overuse of carbon- Some people have suggested that carbon can remove essential elements that are found in the water. Fish need these elements and without them they may experience diseases. Do not always use carbon. Use if for a couple of weeks if your water turns yellow or if it smells, but let there be intervals of time that carbon is not used.
  5. Parasites- Hexamita is a very uncommon parasite that will cause symptoms that are very similar to these disease. This is very uncommon and should be looked at last as a possible cause of the problem. If all else fails you can try treating for this disease, but be warned it is very difficult. The use of metronidazole has been shown to be effective in the treatment of this disease but it may kill your nitrifying bacteria. If you are going to be using metronidazole it is very important to really monitor your water quality and be prepared to do large frequent water changes for the duration of treatment. You may also have to “Cyle” your tank again by adding new nitrifying bacteria after you are done with treatment.



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